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Tom Thumb
The Ugly Duckling
Government Inspector

the ugly duckling

Production Information

The Ugly Duckling

By A. A. Milne

Directed by Barbara Kallir

Design / Production Team


Barbara Kallir

Set Design

Susan Deeley Wells

Costume Design

Oneita Parker

Makeup Design

Rocky Faulkner

Stage Manager

Amy Shimerman


The Herald

Eric Billitzer

The King

Eugene Lebowitz

The Queen

Maeria Paezz

The Chancellor

Kevin Pass

The Princess Camilla

Laura Neufeld


Erin Underwood

Prince Simon

Matthew Mehl


Markus Cummings


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Culver City Public Theatre Presents "The Ugly Duckling"

The Queen (Maeria Paezz) relates the events of the Tournament of Love to the Chancellor (Kevin Pass) and the Herald (Eric Billitzer)

The Queen (Maeria Paezz) and King (Eugene Lebowitz) hatch a wedding plan for Princess Camilla (Laura Neufeld)

The King (Eugene Lebowitz) gives “princess lessons” to Dulcibella (Erin Underwood)

Prince Simon (Matthew Mehl) and Princess Camilla (Laura Neufeld) exchange secrets

Carlo (Markus Cummings) and Prince Simon (Matthew Mehl) solve the royal riddle


Photographs are by SheShooter Photography
© 1999-2007, Culver City Public Theatre, All Rights Reserved


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