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Culver City Public Theatre's Mission is to offer accessible theatre to all: from toddlers seeing their very first show to seasoned theatregoers, curious observers, casual fans and hardcore devotees. 




Our Vision is that someday, theatre - for both artists and audiences - will be completely inclusive and accessible to individuals of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our annual free shows in the park bring theatre to the many who
can't afford theatre tickets, while also also building audiences for the future, introducing new
theatergoers, young and old, to the wonders of the live stage.
It is, after all, much more than just a ticket, a good seat or an excuse to dress up. It’s the live
reactions, the actors and audience breathing the same air, the thrill, energy and even danger
that only a live performance can bring.



Founded in 1998, Culver City Public Theatre is a membership-driven company.

Our company members come from a variety of backgrounds with specialties that include a wide breadth of experience in performance, design, technical operations, marketing, stage direction, and stage management.


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