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Culver City Public Theatre is committed to enriching the community by providing classic, contemporary, and original productions for audiences of all ages, with preference to new and unpublished works, and talent from diverse communities. 

About Us

Culver City Public Theatre is committed to enriching the local community through the production of plays for all ages. It is our goal to:

- Present affordable and accessible plays in the Culver City area for all audiences.

- Workshop new plays.

- Present holiday fundraisers and other theatre based experiences for the community.

- Educate the public about the history and craft of theatre.

- Encourage inventive and original ways of storytelling.

- Unite communities of diverse people and break down barriers through theatre.


Founded in 1998, Culver City Public Theatre is a membership-driven company. Our company members come from a variety of backgrounds with specialties that include a wide breadth of experience in performance, design, technical operations, marketing, stage direction, and stage management.


Culver City Public Theatre’s performances are made possible in part by the generous contributions of its patrons and of local businesses and organizations.

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