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Character Breakdowns for The Enchanted Bookshop

Margie, female, lead, 25-60. Owner of the Enchanted Bookshop, she is creative, optimistic,
but a bit scattered. Great at the creative side of running a bookstore, nit so good at the
business end. The type of person who always has her nose and mind in a book.

Bombalurina, any gender, 18 to 45. The cat who lives at and patrols the Enchanted
Bookshop. Believes she/he is the brains behind the operation. Smart, wisecracking, can be
aloof, and has a penchant for stealing.

Timmy, male (could be played by female), 18-28 to play younger. Bratty kid who hates books,
and is obsessed with video games. Spoiled, sullen, and lacking manners. Gets swept up into
an exciting adventure when characters from books some to life.

Robin Hood, any gender, 18 to 40. Larger-than-life heroic outlaw of literary fame, know for the
credo of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. A master of archery, and very clever at
disguises. Beneath the bravado, a good and generous person at heart.

Tom Sawyer, male, 18-28 to play younger. Country boy hero of Mark Twain books and best
friend to Huck Finn. A mischievous lad with an active imagination that gets him, and most
anyone he comes in contact with, in trouble. Despite this, he knows he influences others, so
he makes sure his moral conscience guides his actions.

Sherlock Holmes, male, 25 to 65. Famed detective of books, stories, movies, TV and radio.
Genius intelligence, a bit snooty, British accent. Able to notice seemingly mundane details
that no one else would find relevant, in solving the most unsolvable cases.

Dorothy, female, 18-28 to play younger. Innocent Kansas farm girl with a touch of rebellion,
who is swept up by a hurricane and thrown into a new surrounding. A dreamer, she longs for
adventure and gets more than she bargained for.

Heidi/Pollyanna, female, 18-28 to play younger. Heidi is the Swiss mountain girl of many
beloved children'
s stories. An orphan since a very young age, she loves the outdoors.
Pollyanna is the eternal optimist of children's literature. In this version, she's kind of a new-
age positivity-warrior. NOTE: Heidi and Pollyanna are played by the same actress.

Long John Silver, male, 21-40. Bold, brash and clever pirate of literary lore. Crafty and
disloyal, shifting sides so frequently that we cannot be sure of his true affiliations. Despite
missing a leg, he is very agile and elusive.

Fingers, any gender, 18 to 65. A jewel smuggler and habitual criminal. Exceptionally stupid,
easily fooled and lacking any hit of social graces, Fingers and pal Eddie try to steal a book
they believe to contain a precious treasure. Instead they are outsmarted by characters who
emerge from said book.

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